Why Do Birds Fall From Sky?

The strange phenomenon of around 2,000 black birds falling from the sky in Arkansas baffled scientists near and far. Not only the black birds, but fish were found floating in the waters as well. Local officials state that both of these phenomenon’s that happened late New Year’s Eve night 2010 are coincidence. Other people in the area have their own ideas of what might have happened, and autopsies were performed on the black birds to determine the cause of death.

Scientists found no trace of toxins or hazardous materials in the black birds, and autopsies determined that the black birds died of blunt force trauma. Since they had physical trauma, scientists are now coming to the conclusion that the flock was hit by lightning or high altitude hail in the area. A lot of residents are pushing to the conclusion of fireworks scaring these avian creatures to death, although scientists say it is not likely the cause due to the number of birds that fell. A lot of theorists suggest that a sonic boom might be to blame when it comes to these birds and fish dying all at once. The military is to blame for such things they state. A lot of others state that the Apocalypse is on us due to many creatures dying suddenly in the same area. Scientists ultimately believe that it was a weather related incident that disoriented them, froze them, and eventually killed them in the end.

Even though these black birds seem to baffle those who live nearby, and the scientists who are working on finding a reason, there is a reason out there for this disturbing scene. This is something that a lot of people deemed the end of the world on the night that they fell. With the thousands of fish that washed up along shore on the river, and then the birds falling from the sky, doomsayers had a lot to say and think about when it came to why the birds were now coming down. Scientists are still investigating the cause of death, and the reasons behind the birds mysteriously falling from the sky, but they also say that the birds and fish had no connection to each other on a cause of death. The fish were affected by a disease since it was just one species of fish. They will continue searching for an answer.